my first post.

Bismillah. Asalam alaikum so here is my first post alhamdullilah,still learning how to manage the blog as am new to today is monday and the boys were excited to start their lessons for the week.we started our day with water play.filled the sink with water and squeezed a bit of washing liquid and let them play with the bubbles.that was like a whole 20 minutes activity for them.i like the fact that when they are finished they leave the area by themselves lol!then i know they are done.we read a few books and as i read to them i kept pausing to see if they can finish the next word and masha Allah mohamed remembered a few words,this week we are doing letter D and the number i gave them a paper with letter D printed on it n asked them to trace with their finger as i mentioned on how it sounded.

took out the pattern blocks with the pattern sheet mohamed did the pattern in 5 minutes!made doughnuts for the letter D.they like being in the kitchen all the time.which makes me think if i can make more activities based in the kitchen.right now bilal is having his nap since he gets tired and grumpy and mohamed is outside with his father masha Allah riding his scooter.


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