art and messy play!

so woke up today BIL was already awake like 9 in the morning.had breakfast and did a bit of house chores.took out the art box and some glue and laid them on the table.they got stuck in squeezed all the glue out lol.poured the glitter and to them they were making snow with white glue.a glittery snow hehe.but they had fun with that.Image

then had a small break,took a quick shower while the kids were pottering around.dressed the boys and we took off to the park.the weather was a bit cold and MO started being moody in the park.he didnt want to play which wasnt that fun,so we came back and had our lunch.then did some painting on the table.i gave them an old medium size box to paint.first i gave them white and black paint.when they were painting MO relaezed it made grey!!!HE WAS happy that he made grey colour paint out of white and black paint.YAY!


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