visiting my sister and her kiddis.

in sha Allah we are planning to visit my sister and her kids.they are excited masha Allah baraka Allah and so are we.but before that i wanted to take them to the animal farm or the museum will see in sha next week will be week 5 and will be doing letter E for elephant and egg.with maths will be doing number 5 and shape green colour.for my 4 yr old son i will try to introduce some addition using the montessori method.for BIL hes working on number recognition and to my surprise he started to count from 1 to 10.jumps a few numbers but hes counting hehe.alhmadullilah thats progress fr us.with reading will be reading our story books more and more in sha Allah plus the three letter words for mo to practise not so creative when it comes to art and craft lol i guesse i have to hit the net for some creative stuff to make this week in sha Allah.and for islam will be doing our mini book about Allah created food which will also be our theme next week.fruits and vegetable real ones n matching them with pictures.writing these in a blog helps me keep focus on the things that will be doing this week in sha Allah.then not to forget to pack and get ready for the excited lol.planning to have lots of fun there while i can also relax abit for some change of environment.


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