thursday is here and is a day for us to be out and aboutt.with the weather being nice and hot.our day started like usuall,woke up at 8 had breakfast the boys got dressed made a quick lunch for them.there was a meeting group at the park so i thought we go and meet them.masha Allah they were all soo nice with all their children.the park was nice and big it had a small farm which was an advantage for us.saw some goats and rabbits.then took off to the sand pit area where i got to relax and chill out while i chatted with the other moms.the boys had a blast it felt like we were at the beach lol.with all the sand that was there.spent half the day at the park.came back at 2.BIL had a nap.and decided to take a rest.thats it for today.since we cant do any written work today because mo is exhausted.maybe a small class on the laptop about the life cycle of a bee.or reading our story books will do.will see in sha Allah.


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