this week is about honey and the bee.so we started by making a bee craft.i cut the pieces of paper the night before.put them in a ziplock bags ready for the next day use.so they glued the toilet rolls and the construction papers to make the yellow bees.our main concept was that Allah created the bees and bees makes honey through taking some nectar from flowers.and the other concept was the three types of bees.so we made the drone the worker bee and the queen.BIL was the worker bee as he soon took off with his bee buzzing all around the house.and MO was the queen as he wanted to lay some eggs and see some bees coming out from the eggs lol.and i was the the drone who just sat and watched the worker bee and the queen doing some work.it was fun alhamduullilah.that day they also decided to go park with their bees and find some flowers to get some nectar.Image

and this is MO trying to get some nectar from those cute tiny flowers.WP_001734


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