i releazed i havent posted anything here.but we have been busy with quran and listening to quran.plus we made a lapbook about Allah.who is Allah and the creations of Allah.and the names of Allah.we only did one name ..al khaliq the creator.evry morning we try to do quran.doesnt go too well here cos when when they wake up they are so active.so i put the quran on repeat this week we are listening to surat Nas.and i make MO sit and read atleast for 10 mins..he gets distracted very quickly.i have to think of something more creative and fun for him.i want him to love reciting the quran…..

next is they are memorising the basic duas.they already know dua for sleeping and for going out and what to say when u sneeze and the reply.thats goes well because it doesnt involve sitting.they read it anywhere.


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