daily activities.

nothing fancy today just normal activity with mo and bil.went shopping for some quality glue and card paper.but didnt get any!i have to say since homeschooling began in our home…havent been keen on spending hours in kitchen making dishes.been coming up with easy lunches and snacks and dinners too.today i made mash potatoes with mince and cabbage.yumm. for the boys i baked theirs with cheese ontop served it with cabbages and ketchup.ImageImagewe started off with this cute water play.they pretended to go fishing.they were fishing for ducks fish and alphabets in the water.fun!(il post the pic later)

then we made some flash cards on 3 letter words with a vowel A in the middle.stuck them on a cardboard..using velcros.Imagethen traced the word cat.he can read this word masha Allah and that will be his first word he read since we started.Image Image

off to glueing some arabic letters.today they did thaa.arabic letter.this time we used tin foil for gluing.they had fun doing it.WP_001979

finaly the suras flash cards are done.phew!we are started  with surat al fatiha.today he read the first ayat.he enjoyed it mashaAllah.plus he was also using his wipe marker pen on the words evrytime he hear it on the computer.due to his stammering i decided will go slow with recitng i dont want to force his speech in reciting in sha Allah.may Allah make it easy for him.amin.ImageImage

oh before i forget the printibles are from a muslim child is born/blog.may Allah reward her for her effort.amin.so tommorow will do the next ayat,,in sha Allah.

bil woke up from his nap,he came straight to kitchen and wanted to help me with cooking.i love it when he finishes his nap.hes all fresh and very happy masha Allah.so he wanted to chop the cabages,so i gave him themImage plastic knives and they got stuck in!!!

then we read 2 books today!they chose astronauts and timmy wheres my teddy!and we called it a day!!!

the rest of the day the played cuddled giggled ate dinner brushed their teeth and bed!


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