weekly updates

asalam alaikum i know its been a while since i blogged in here.we have been very busy and i had to set a specific day to blog.so i will be blogging evry weekend in sha Allah.and if i get time once in a while during the day.so last week was a fantastic one masha Allah not to mention the weather was superb.we spent all week going to different parks and had lots of picnics,met some lovely sisters during the week.we had a blast.back to academics mo and bil were focused on reading last week.Imagei wrote the words in capitals because mo loves the capital letters.it was a game where he has to peg the right word to the umbrella paper.as we were studying the vowel A and the At.next we moved on and made home made paint.Imageand planted our cress for the science activity mo was very excited and couldnt wait to see his plants growingImage


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