sights words

so yesterday there was no learning in our home.mommy wasnt feeling very well.a bug maybe?could be!spent the day sleeping as didnt have energy to do anything.i let them play with their toys for the day and had an early night.evrything is mercy from Allah…i got to sleep early and had a good long sleep!smile!

tuesday and feeling better alhamdullilah!

i turned this sight words card board into a game today.made a dice out of one of the building blocks(cube) and wrote some of the matching words on it.then we did shake the glass with the dice in it and matched the word with the word card on the cardboad.Image

then played the shape game with another dice.we borrowed this game from the toy library.the boys had fun with this was a bit of no joy game at first since bil is in possession phase.but i had to stick to the rules of sharing and taking turns.Imagemo went on to the pattern blocks mat.made a butterfly and a caterpilla with the pattern blocks.Image   Image!

we read 2 books today during our quiet times then had lunch and went to the park for some fresh air!


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