the north london homeschooling mums had organised the trip to the zoo.i have to say it was super fun masha Allah.may Allah reward sister umm sufyan for arranging it all and more importantly getting us the discount lol!i love going to the zoo ,as its not just the animals u get to see its the whole entertainment package u get once you are in the zoo.the bouncing castles the face painting the marry go rounds the little shops they have there which sell all sorts of animal theme items,and the cafe incase you feel abit peckish lol!ok so enough of writing lets check out this amazing creations of Allah….Image

we watched this tiger being fed live!!!how cool is that lol!my boys were glued to the window screen just watching the tiger feasting on his meal!!!!now this is one animal when u come face to face with it drop evrything and run!!!!!lol

SavedPicture-201378233225.jpgamazingly tall creatures called girrafes.looking so beautiful masha Allah.SavedPicture-20137823330.jpgthe aardvarks were sleeping or cuddling maybe lol.SavedPicture-201378233134.jpgthe cute penguins.waddling around their pool!
SavedPicture-20137823324.jpgand this one i dont have a clue what its called lol!but i can tell he was funny…he walking round going around the place where were walking watching them.SavedPicture-201378233241.jpgmy favourite bit was bil getting closer to the goats and feeding them.my mo was scared to go anywhere near the goats lol.he had a wonderfull experience feeding the goats.SavedPicture-201378233134.jpg


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