Ramadan day 3.

Asalam alaikum

I pray evryone is well in health and iman.alhamdullilah we have been busy as u all know trying to juggle studies with house chores and finding time for ibada is not easy.i am although very thankfull to Allah the almighty for giving me this amazing moments we get to spend with the kids.its when the road gets bumpy and i realize how blessed we are to be alive with a roof under our heads etc.evry minute is precious with them, once they grow up that time is gone.but never despair of Allah,s mercy. never loose hope.those cracks can still be mended.

Am sure you may be wondering whats up with todays post lol.il tell you why!i sometimes get taken over by waswas.(whispers of shaytan)and i end up convincing myself all that rubbish that comes in my head.lol.i believe we all go through that sometimes.and thats why Allah revealed surat nas.

Anyways back to ramadan.we managed to do some bits of topics here and there.as you can on the pics.todays hit was the playdough.they had plenty of fun with it.even i joined in lol.

I hope you had a great day too.

And for any struggling mother,muslim out there just know that Allah has not fogotten you.Allah loves u and that you are definately not alone with Allah so near!apologise for any harm ,offence i may have caused.. While writing this.and may Allah accept our ibada and sawm and make us strong in health and iman.amin.


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