Week 1 of official homes cool begins today!

Asalam alaikum warham tull llahi wabarakatul.

Hello evryone its monday,a beautiful day it is!we all had a good sleep yesterday alhamdullilah!

Right!we had quick breakfast to go to the childrens centre.the kiddis played with toys ofcourse.they did story time and nursery rhymes.came back prayed dhuhur and had lunch!

Mo did a math workbook on counting while bil would scribble on a piece of paper.read a mini book.alhamdullilah am pleased to say that now mo is able to read all the contents of the mini book i printed off from a website.am so proud of him!!!may Allah increase his passion to learn and wisdom.amin.

Then we made a puppet using the crafty materials i bought in argos a while ago!!

We also reviewed some three letter words with them both but i was more focused on bil as mo knows them already.he also could read them masha Allah baraka Allah.so hopefully will try to move to more words!

We also had story time and read the tale of the naughty peter rabbit.and now they are watching phonics blended words on youtube.and misri bunch about Allah.a few photos for todays first official day of homes cool.yes homes cool!!! Lol.

Baraka Allah feekum!


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