its wednesday!

asalam alaikum!

alhamdullilah like i mentioned before on my facebook page.i had an early morning today masha was soo feel the peace while sipping that cuppa and listening to a lecture while the kids were still i had to make sure atleast to do one or two chores before it dawned!so chucked the laundry that never seems to finish lol!did the morning dishes and thats it

had breakfast and did painting on with the rollers.ImageImageImage

as you have probably noticed we are working on word teams and i decided to do 2 word teams and focus on their words until we are sure that they understand their sounds and the words that go with it.

then mo dropped off to sleep as he also woke up early today!i took this chance to do something with we played with building blocks and wrote some words on them.while he was making a tower i would ask him to put one of the building blocks calling it using the word written on it.he enjoyed doing it masha Allah baraka Allah.




and he did one puzzle and i let him watch phonics on youtube.WP_002971
then we got dressed and headed to the childrens carnivore.
check out on de next post!!!!!


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