Subhna Allah how time flies,its friday already!i hope you all had a good jumuah today.todays post will be about pre writing!activities to encourage good handwriting and strengthening those hand muscles,(fine motor skills)

1.salt trays,pizza box flour!

finger writing on salt trays are a very good way to encourage writing and exercise those muscles.or you could also use pizza box with flour can practise writing numbers letters or their names and arabic letters too.i prefer to present this type of activity in kitchen as it is easy to clean incase of any mess lol!Image

This is one of our favourites,they are fun easy to use and guese what they are mess free!!i usually print off worksheets to use with the dabbers from this amazing website

my boys love to dab on them and i sometimes write words on a large white sheet of paper and ask them to dab as i say the word.a good way to learn sight words with it too.Image


one thing i love about the dabbers markers is they never dry up when left open unlike the normal writing markers which are always always left open!

3.playdough mats and play dough!

to get the playdough mats you print them online they are plenty of them on websites.or you could just write them using free hand then make play dough to trace ontop of the letter or number.let the child roll it into a long threadlike play shape and place on the laminated paper with the letter or number!Image

4.popsicle sticks writing!

fun colourful popsicle sticks can be used in so many ways!you can get them plain or coloured ones.i prefer coloured ones because the look more fun!the sticks can be used to make letters words or numbers and the child traces using his or her finger.working on those fine motor skills!and ofcourse encourage writing.

i took this pic when we were on the train heading to see grandma and mo found something to do with those tea sticks that were meant to be used to stir your tea lol!He had fun making letters with them!Image

4.painting.finger painting!

painting is one popular activity that most to all the kids love to  engage in!again this helps with fine motor skills since they have to hold the brush.trying something different by using their own fingers to paint.Image

toothbrush painting is also a good way to make painting more interesting!Image

since its late here i might hit the bed now but in sha Allah will continnue with some more pre writing activities that i use with my the mean time i pray you all have nice weekend.and dont forget to make dua for our oppressed ummah!

          let me know that u passed by,i would love to hear from you!

baraka Allah feekum!



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