PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON U ALL!!!

I Could do with a lazy day today!ok maybe for a few hours lol.boys are always up at the crack of dawn…alhamdullilah.

right so continuation of a few more pre writing activities for early learners!

5.ziplock paint bags

we all know how messy painting can get,expecially if the space is limited.well now you dont have to avoid it all in all lol!pouring paint in a ziplock bag and seal it,tape it onto the table and let the child trace with his/her finger is fun!no mess!

i make sure i go for soft ziplock bags as the hard ones are hard to trace once the paint is inside.Image

6.shaving cream/soap tracing

i love shaving cream for messy plays.have always had to resist the urge to join in with the boys when they are playing with it lol!pour it on your dinner table or on a splash mat and let their imagination go wild.they can draw lines zigzag write names etc etc!Image

soap can also do incase your child is sensitive to shaving creams.all that is needed is fairy liquid soap or normal bar soap and make it lather!


7.shaving cream in the bath tub!

i dont encourage spending alot of time in bathrooms since the prophet peace b upon him discouraged it.but for some they are separated the toilet and the bathroom are that case then maybe its ok!

making bath time fun is always a good idea since they always have something to look forward to at the end of the day!shaving creams with a bit of food colour in and let them paint on the!Image

8.chalk and chalk board.

nowadays they have small chalk boards for younger children to use.and i think its cute!and they are only a pound.chalks can also be used on the floor as an outdoor activity.Image

8.pen and a paper.

i always try to have a writing pad with a few colour pencils crayons and pencils in my hand bag or besides their usualy grabs it and starts to scribble on it.with bil hes abit relaxed about it lol.he would scribble a few marks and leave as hes still drawings are making a bit of sense masha Allah and he would say what he drew!ImageImage

9.etch a sketch!

i like this one because its portable you can carry it in the bus trains road trips etc!they can draw and erase and write anything they like.Image


10.poking pin/toothpick
poking letters on a piece of paper can be a worthwhile activity for your little one.for safety reasons one can use toothpicks its not that sharp like the pin.i also like when they poke small holes on play dough with it!SAM_7415
whatever you do!have fun and enjoy it!
and have a superb weekend!
wabilahi tawfique!


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