yesterday i only shared 3 sorting activities and before i releazed it was late like i had to take a break!anyways lets move on to more sorting today!


I hapend to buy this preschool toy for my toddler to try and keep him busy while i did something with my had various shapes of bolts and plastic nuts for the child to fix them.I used the toy as a sorting activity and he can sort according to colour or  shapes.its good for fine motor skills and provide the basic math learning.Image



A Good way to get your little helper to help in sorting the laundry.they can put aside the whites the light coloured ones the dark coloured ones.and to make it more interesting let them chuck the laundry in the machine.(always always be present when this activity is taking place).Image


Dont you hate it when one socks is always missing lol.i always have to look for one missing sock.i wonder where they go considering the fact that i live in small house lol.i havent done this with my boys yet but in sha Allah soon will give it a go.get all the pairs of socks on the floor and start sorting!Image


after the grocery shopping….the shopping needs to be put in the fridge the grocery holder and the fruits basket.encourage your little one to help in putting them away.if the child gets confused let the child touch and feel if its cold then it belongs to the cheese or milk!


you can get animals printibles online.(i still havent figured out how to make a printinble).they are very a good for science on they are classiffied into different classes.birds reptiles vertebrates and mammals. or they can be classifiedinto zoo animals farm animals or sea animals. they can learn their names through flash cards or by visiting the zoo.




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