Like i said before i decided to write a lesson plan to see how it goes.made a visual lesson plan for the whole week.the detailed one i did on a paper,the visual one is to help the boys see what they will be learning and act as a reminder to me and them.Image

lesson 1

quran suratul fatiha.during breakfast we recited the surat fatiha and they were reading along.then after we finished i put on the audio that has repeat on it.and we read again 4 times repeatedly using the quran for visual purpose.lasted about 10-15 mins.

lesson 2.

we did a work sheet printed off from rahma muslim homeschool.it follows the medina arabic.unit one was about HADHA(this is a)so he traced it.today it was hadha baitun.this is a house.i helped him with the tracing as he was strugling to write from left to right.

had a small break changed out pyajamas and went to the park

lesson 3

it was math counting and addition.used to the pebbles i got from the poundshop and some cards with numbers on them.practised some counting using the same pebbles.Image Image

lesson 4

we read books from the reading tree.and matching the sight words i made from hard paper.Image

lesson 5

did a small craft of this is a house in arabic.Image


lesson 6

we did a buttefly life cycle.cut and paste activity using glue!and the large life cycle of a butterfly floor cards.Image


and thats it!one thing we missed…was doing the harakat.i hope we manage to do it tommorrow in sha Allah.

i hope you had a fab day.i will be more than happy to answer any question in sha Allah.ideas,feedbacks are all welcome too.

excuse any typos!

fi amani Llah!


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