its been a while since i blogged!i have lots of things to share with little time.last week i wrote a whole post with pics on what we were up to that week.then i had technical problem and all the post disappeared.*sigh*

i know i promised you the quran tips,in sha Allah i will post them up soon please bare with me.in the mean time,let me fill you in with some of the things the boys did.i wanted to have a bit of structure with some of the school work.and some thing i knew but just neglected the idea lol.writing a lesson plan.how it helps and how it makes it smooth through out the day.so i this week i wrote a lesson plan.whoohoo.

i will upload the lesson plan soon in sha Allah.

anyhow random photos i took while doing some work with them.ImageImagepractising the word AM.made a watch for them .Imagedoing the short arabic vowels on a homemade mini book using A4 paper cut into four and stapled together.we each letter daily with the fatha kasra and dhama on them.Imagetime telling Imagematching the words game.this are our sight words this week.we are working on them in sha Allah.


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