Bismillah rahmani rahim,

Asalam alaikum warhama tullahi wabarakatul.

Phew I dont even know where to start,I cant believe its been almost a year since the last time blogged.if you have been on my facebook page then you know I have been posting a few things there on some of the things we have been doing.Time was tight for me with pregnancy,birth postnatal and now bonding with our new member of the family among other things meant i was sshattered most times.

We were blessed with another boy alhamdullilalh,yes we are still homeschooling after the longggg break of pregnancy.slowly getting back to routine as baby O Is more settled hasn’t been easy but we have come this far and we are still going.

I have few things to share hopefully overtime hoping to write more about what we have been  upto learning wise,books,curriculum etc.stay tuned in shaAllah.


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