Curriculum choice

Asalam alaikum warhama tullahi wabarakatul.

Hello readers.! Apologies for yet another delay in blogging . alhamdullilalh today the boys are in bed and its not even 7 if only I could keep this up lol.

Anyways I promised to be updating on some of the things we have changed or introduced.

First of all homeschooling with a newborn is not EASY! BUT
Its doable n yes the time is very short and they no longer I took the advice of just going with flow and enjoy the moments.

Talking about going with flow I decided this time it will do us good if we had some sort of a curriculum we can follow through.And have the main subjects M is at the school age now.

Both boys attend a weekend madrasa that teaches quran and arabic . alhamdullilalh M is improving his tajweed.and most importantly they are both reading with their teachers.

So for his english we r using the jolly phonics,add sight words games.we are onto grammar bk 1.for maths first  wanted to go with MEP but thought I should try the Singapore as have heard good reveiws from it.then for science we will go with his interest.use that interest to research, google, read books about it ,youtube it….etc.

B is 4 now working on his fine motor skills as he still struggling to use his lots of painting,playdough,cutting though he hates it lol.he aint ready for any paperwork at the moment.planning to
get him really active in shaAllah,as hes more of a hands on in learning mashaAllah.

So watch the space in sha Allah as we share some of the most loved fun activities and the hated ones too lol.

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