Assalam u alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,….welcome to our Al-fatiha homeschool a full time mother of 2 beautiful boys..aged 4(mohamed) and 2(bilal)….eager to share with u our homeschool journey,being inpired by other homeschooling mothers out there masha Allah baraka Allah.i thought it was my turn to start mine.having searched for a decent islamic school for almost a year now.i have finally come to terms with homeschooling n took it on board.i pray to Allah to guide me through it and make it rewarding and beneficial for me and my family and other families too.amin!!

i love baking cakes,cooking in short but mostly baking!love heena desygns.i like having fun,i keep it simple and travelling just gets me excited!!so welcome onboard as we find our way to jannah!!!bi idhini llahi karim!


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