Curriculum choice

Asalam alaikum warhama tullahi wabarakatul.

Hello readers.! Apologies for yet another delay in blogging . alhamdullilalh today the boys are in bed and its not even 7 if only I could keep this up lol.

Anyways I promised to be updating on some of the things we have changed or introduced.

First of all homeschooling with a newborn is not EASY! BUT
Its doable n yes the time is very short and they no longer I took the advice of just going with flow and enjoy the moments.

Talking about going with flow I decided this time it will do us good if we had some sort of a curriculum we can follow through.And have the main subjects M is at the school age now.

Both boys attend a weekend madrasa that teaches quran and arabic . alhamdullilalh M is improving his tajweed.and most importantly they are both reading with their teachers.

So for his english we r using the jolly phonics,add sight words games.we are onto grammar bk 1.for maths first  wanted to go with MEP but thought I should try the Singapore as have heard good reveiws from it.then for science we will go with his interest.use that interest to research, google, read books about it ,youtube it….etc.

B is 4 now working on his fine motor skills as he still struggling to use his lots of painting,playdough,cutting though he hates it lol.he aint ready for any paperwork at the moment.planning to
get him really active in shaAllah,as hes more of a hands on in learning mashaAllah.

So watch the space in sha Allah as we share some of the most loved fun activities and the hated ones too lol.


Bismillah rahmani rahim,

Asalam alaikum warhama tullahi wabarakatul.

Phew I dont even know where to start,I cant believe its been almost a year since the last time blogged.if you have been on my facebook page then you know I have been posting a few things there on some of the things we have been doing.Time was tight for me with pregnancy,birth postnatal and now bonding with our new member of the family among other things meant i was sshattered most times.

We were blessed with another boy alhamdullilalh,yes we are still homeschooling after the longggg break of pregnancy.slowly getting back to routine as baby O Is more settled hasn’t been easy but we have come this far and we are still going.

I have few things to share hopefully overtime hoping to write more about what we have been  upto learning wise,books,curriculum etc.stay tuned in shaAllah.



I pray and hope that you all are in good health and iman.its been a whole 4 months since i ever posted anything in here and i know you’ve all been wondering why!those 4 months have been really tough on me and my family but alhamdullilah we got through it!the thing is we are expecting number 3!homeschooling while juggling through the day with morning sickness was way too hard  for me so i had to put it on sha Allah hope to resume soon please make dua for us!


Like i said before i decided to write a lesson plan to see how it goes.made a visual lesson plan for the whole week.the detailed one i did on a paper,the visual one is to help the boys see what they will be learning and act as a reminder to me and them.Image

lesson 1

quran suratul fatiha.during breakfast we recited the surat fatiha and they were reading along.then after we finished i put on the audio that has repeat on it.and we read again 4 times repeatedly using the quran for visual purpose.lasted about 10-15 mins.

lesson 2.

we did a work sheet printed off from rahma muslim follows the medina arabic.unit one was about HADHA(this is a)so he traced it was hadha baitun.this is a house.i helped him with the tracing as he was strugling to write from left to right.

had a small break changed out pyajamas and went to the park

lesson 3

it was math counting and addition.used to the pebbles i got from the poundshop and some cards with numbers on them.practised some counting using the same pebbles.Image Image

lesson 4

we read books from the reading tree.and matching the sight words i made from hard paper.Image

lesson 5

did a small craft of this is a house in arabic.Image


lesson 6

we did a buttefly life cycle.cut and paste activity using glue!and the large life cycle of a butterfly floor cards.Image


and thats it!one thing we missed…was doing the harakat.i hope we manage to do it tommorrow in sha Allah.

i hope you had a fab day.i will be more than happy to answer any question in sha Allah.ideas,feedbacks are all welcome too.

excuse any typos!

fi amani Llah!



its been a while since i blogged!i have lots of things to share with little time.last week i wrote a whole post with pics on what we were up to that week.then i had technical problem and all the post disappeared.*sigh*

i know i promised you the quran tips,in sha Allah i will post them up soon please bare with the mean time,let me fill you in with some of the things the boys did.i wanted to have a bit of structure with some of the school work.and some thing i knew but just neglected the idea lol.writing a lesson it helps and how it makes it smooth through out the i this week i wrote a lesson plan.whoohoo.

i will upload the lesson plan soon in sha Allah.

anyhow random photos i took while doing some work with them.ImageImagepractising the word AM.made a watch for them .Imagedoing the short arabic vowels on a homemade mini book using A4 paper cut into four and stapled together.we each letter daily with the fatha kasra and dhama on them.Imagetime telling Imagematching the words game.this are our sight words this week.we are working on them in sha Allah.


yesterday i only shared 3 sorting activities and before i releazed it was late like i had to take a break!anyways lets move on to more sorting today!


I hapend to buy this preschool toy for my toddler to try and keep him busy while i did something with my had various shapes of bolts and plastic nuts for the child to fix them.I used the toy as a sorting activity and he can sort according to colour or  shapes.its good for fine motor skills and provide the basic math learning.Image



A Good way to get your little helper to help in sorting the laundry.they can put aside the whites the light coloured ones the dark coloured ones.and to make it more interesting let them chuck the laundry in the machine.(always always be present when this activity is taking place).Image


Dont you hate it when one socks is always missing lol.i always have to look for one missing sock.i wonder where they go considering the fact that i live in small house lol.i havent done this with my boys yet but in sha Allah soon will give it a go.get all the pairs of socks on the floor and start sorting!Image


after the grocery shopping….the shopping needs to be put in the fridge the grocery holder and the fruits basket.encourage your little one to help in putting them away.if the child gets confused let the child touch and feel if its cold then it belongs to the cheese or milk!


you can get animals printibles online.(i still havent figured out how to make a printinble).they are very a good for science on they are classiffied into different classes.birds reptiles vertebrates and mammals. or they can be classifiedinto zoo animals farm animals or sea animals. they can learn their names through flash cards or by visiting the zoo.